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Dentures Services

Welcome to GigiChun Dental Clinic, where your dentures needs come first. Our team is here to provide a range of dental services that not only restore your smile's function and appearance but also make your experience comfortable and hassle-free. Discover the options we offer and embark on your journey to a confident smile.

Flexible Denture

Discover Our Dentures Options

We present a range of choices tailored for you:

flexible single tooth dentures


Flexibility and Comfort


Experience the cutting-edge Valplast, a lightweight alternative to traditional options. Crafted from a durable material, Valplast provide a natural look while fitting comfortably. These metal-free dentures enhance your speech and chewing ability, boosting your confidence.

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Acrylic Full Dentures

Acrylic Denture

Affordable and Realism


Our acrylic denture offer an affordable solution for replacing missing teeth. Crafted with quality acrylic resin, they closely resemble natural gums. Lightweight and comfortable.

cobalt chrome denture

Cobalt Chrome Denture

Durability and Stability

Cobalt Chrome

Consider our cobalt chrome denture for lasting durability. With a metal alloy framework, these dentures offer both stability and long-term performance, ensuring confident chewing and comfort.

implant supported denture

Implant Supported Denture

Enhanced Stability and Confidence

Implant Supported

Implant supported denture are firmly anchored to strategically placed implants in your jaw, eliminating worries about slipping or shifting. Enjoy enhanced chewing efficiency and speech clarity while relishing the freedom to savor your favorite foods.

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The Dentures Process

Affordable Dentures with Confidence

Our denture cost start from RM410, offering an accessible option for restoring your smile.

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