Dental Check-up and Teeth Scaling

Our Comprehensive All-in-One Dental Check-up and Teeth Scaling is designed to provide you with a thorough examination and a refreshing cleaning in a single visit. This innovative approach ensures that your oral health remains at its best, all within the span of one efficient appointment.

Experience Our All-in-1 Dental Check Up Teeth Cleaning Teeth X-ray in 1 visit

Step 1

Dental Check Up

Our dental experts thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, and mouth to identify dental problems early and prevent future issues.

Step 2

Teeth Cleaning

After the check-up, our doctor eliminate plaque and tartar buildup with teeth scaling and air polishing to improve gum health and prevent problems.

Step 3

Teeth X-ray

Enhancing our comprehensive check-up, we include X-ray diagnostics which is optional to visualize areas not visible during a routine examination.

Step 4

Care Plan

After reviewing your check-up, X-rays, and cleaning, our dental experts will customize a treatment plan that caters to your oral health requirements while staying within your budget

Beyond a Radiant Smile

Investing in oral health extends beyond aesthetics. A healthy smile contributes to overall well-being and boosts self-assurance. GigiChun's Teeth Cleaning and Comprehensive Dental Check-up with an optional X-ray empowers you to proactively enhance your lifestyle.

Teeth Scaling Transformation

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